Coloring Pages for Girls

What would your little girl choose as a theme for coloring pages? They will probably choose Disney princesses, unicorns, angels, fairies, flowers, etc. Little girls are extremely fond of subtle and beautiful things, especially anything to do with pink colors. Keeping their interests in mind, you can provide coloring pages for kids on the themes they like. These coloring pages for kids enhance their recognition of colors, develop hand-eye coordination skills and expand their creativity. 


To keep children busy with activities that can enhance their cognitive development, you can conduct drawing and coloring activities for kids at home. You can provide a collection of girlish coloring pages to enhance their artistic skills. Girls usually love to color images that have intricate designs patterns. Therefore, you can download and print coloring pages for girls of their favorite themes. Needless to say, coloring is the best way to engage children and is considered one of the fun holiday activities for kids

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Providing coloring pages for girls enables them to learn about colors and different ways to apply them to the image for making it visually appealing. Most importantly, it attracts children’s attention towards art and painting. Girls, especially, are inclined towards dolls, barbies, birds, and princess coloring pages. They would choose themes that are subtle and intriguing. It would be best to consider what interests them and select coloring pages according to their taste. If you are looking for the best coloring pages for kids? We’ve got you some of the free coloring pages for kids given below.

Unicorn Coloring Pages

Princess Coloring Pages

Angel Coloring Pages

Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages

Free Download Coloring Pages for Girls PDF

Tips for Using Coloring Pages for Girls

A few tips for using coloring pages for girls are mentioned below:

  • Choose coloring pages for girls of their choice, such as princesses, angels, unicorns, etc.
  • Keep the coloring pages simple without over the top designs or patterns.
  • Use kid-friendly coloring tools that include crayons, pencils, paintbrushes, etc. 
  • Use bright and vibrant colors for coloring pages.
  • Allow kids to think about what colors to be used on the illustrations to make them visually attractive. 
  • Give enough attention to girls coloring the pages and check if they need any assistance with coloring. 
  • Guide them to start coloring from the edge of the images to avoid the unwanted flow of colors outside the defined boundaries. 
  • Ask kids to hold the crayons or brush lightly without putting much pressure on the coloring pages.
  • Provide a designated area for coloring to girls where they can sit comfortably and color the images they are interested in.
  • Teach them different unfamiliar shapes and patterns on the coloring pages.

Benefits of Coloring Pages for Girls

Some of the benefits of Coloring pages for girls are mentioned below:

  • It helps children develop fine motor skills.
  • It engages and removes stress among the girls while coloring.
  • It boosts spatial awareness in girls.
  • It increases concentration and builds self-assurance in girls. They would focus on tasks assigned to them with utmost sincerity and dedication. 
  • It strengthens the grip of the pencil and improves hand-writing skills in girls. They will color the images within their defined boundaries with a firm grip. 
  • It enhances creativity and self-expression in girls.
  • It increases focus and patience in girls.
  • It enables girls to gain knowledge on various topics they are interested in. With this, they will develop curiosity and ask questions to learn something new.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Coloring Pages for Girls

What are coloring pages for girls?

Coloring pages for girls is an excellent tool to teach color recognition and creativity with their favorite images, such as unicorns, Disney princesses, angels, flowers, birds, girl superheroes, etc.

What are the benefits of coloring pages for girls?

The benefits of coloring pages for girls are that it helps them enhance their artistic skills and develop hand-eye coordination skills. Most importantly, they will keep themselves busy and engaged with the activities they like.