Top 4 Fun Activities for Kids this Holiday Season

December 13, 2019 / Learn About Osmo

The holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve can be an avalanche of candy, gifts and fun activities for kids and adults alike. While the cold weather makes it more Christmassy and special, it might mean spending more time indoors. To ensure your children channel their energy productively, you can set up fun activities with educational learning games while staying at home. 

Osmo learning systems include fun iPad games which focus on hands-on play. They use digital engagement keeping children excited to learn while using physical game pieces to retain the essential benefits of hands-on play. You can incorporate Osmo games into your holiday routine to ensure your children learn while having fun. Here are some great activities to get you started on your holiday entertainment :

1. Make your own Christmas decorations 

What better way to personalize your Christmas tree than making handcrafted Christmas decorations? Osmo Genius Masterpiece game lets your children trace a virtual outline of any image or object onto paper. Real life objects that are photographed are converted into 2D outlines. You can upload your favourite object or image and draw the outline on colored craft paper and cut on the outline to get custom decorations. Children can have endless fun making angel outlines and Santa silhouettes! 

Beside being tons of fun, Osmo Genius Masterpiece game builds pre-writing and pre-drawing skills, which are essential fine motor skills.

You can use this fun Santa Outline to make a mask:

2. Design your Christmas Cards 

Many families share the tradition of sending Christmas cards to their families through post. With Osmo Genius Masterpiece game you can transform your Christmas cards into an artistic sensation by drawing up a storm. You can draw anything from a Christmas tree to a photograph of an individual. 

Here’s a “Rudolph the reindeer” outline that you can use to draw your Christmas card

3. Join your children in their play

The holidays are special as you get to spend time with your family. Research has also shown that children learn better when parents join them in their play. Osmo Genius Starter Kit includes creative games helping your children pick up cognitive and social-emotional skills. Parents can play these games with their children and help them learn in the process.

You can sit down with your children to play the Osmo Genius Tangram to arrange colorful geometric tiles into object or animal shapes. This helps build visual-spatial reasoning skills. You can have your children guess names of Christmas themed images using the Osmo Genius Words game, building pre-reading skills and vocabulary. You can also solve fun math challenges through Osmo Genius Numbers game. If your child is more scientifically inclined, you can try out principles of physics in practice using the Osmo Genius Newton game.   

4. Challenge your family and friends to an Osmo games tournament!

When it comes to fun activities for kids during the holiday season, the more the merrier! So invite your neighbours and friends to an Osmo Game Tournament for some great festive fun. Osmo Genius Words game is the perfect choice for a fast paced word challenge everyone can enjoy!

Holidays can be a great time to be with family and friends. Make this holiday season extra special by using fun games for kids to ring in the festive spirit and make staying at home a joy!