Top 5 Educational Games for Kids

April 28, 2020 / Parent Resources

“Education is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonder of the universe.”– Sir Anthony Seldon

The best way to instill a love of learning in your kids is by making learning fun. Resources like online educational games help parents ensure their little ones enjoy the process of learning. 

Osmo’s top five online educational games keep kids engaged and entertained. Here are some of our favorite indoor fun games that teach mathematics, science, problem-solving, and more.

Phonics Games for Kids – ABCs

Are you looking for fun preschool games to teach your little one phonics? Look no further than ABCs. This game will teach your kids how to build and pronounce letters. Mo the friendly Monster will guide your child at each step.

Play With Shapes – Tangram

Osmo’s Tangram teaches kids the basics of geometry while building visual-spatial and problem-solving skills. STEAM-focused educational games like Tangram promote creativity by bridging science and art.

Expand Your Vocabulary – Words

Osmo’s Words uses hands-on play to develop language skills and reading comprehension. Beyond helping your little one build communication skills, learning new words also instills confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Learn Physics Concepts – Newton

In Newton, kids learn physics concepts like acceleration by directing an object into a target zone. Geared toward younger players, Newton introduces kids to physics early to stimulate their interest in science.

Become a Math Wizard – Numbers

With Osmo’s Numbers, kids learn math by playing fun math games. Watch your little genius count, add, subtract, and multiply with ease.

The best educational games blend learning and fun. With Osmo, your kids can become skilled communicators, mathematicians, artists, and scientists!

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