Teaching Your Child the Alphabet through iPad Learning Games

September 20, 2019 / Parent Resources

Some of us have childhood memories of our parents reading bedtime stories. Almost all of us remember nursery rhymes as the first songs we sang. These experiences give children an understanding of how words sound and are supposed to be pronounced. With the right spelling and sounding activity,  you can help your children read fluently. Reading practices for children such as the ones given below are great to get your children excited about reading: 


Parents can encourage children to take on reading as a hobby by storytelling in animated voices and getting them excited about the written words. With fun storytelling sessions, children might be inspired to explore worlds of adventure and excitement found in books by learning to read themselves. Audiobooks can help children transition from waiting on their parents to tell them a story to choosing the story they want to listen to on their own.


Phonics is a proven way to teach children the alphabet where you learn to associate letters with the sounds they represent. When this is combined with the memorization of sight words which are used frequently, children will be able to read words that they come across for the first time.  

iPad learning games that encourage reading

Interactive learning games for kids are one of the best ways to get them to pick up essential skills. iPad’s user interface makes it a great fit for gameplay and user customizations, making iPad learning games a great way to learn the alphabet, improve children’s vocabulary, and learn how to read better and more fluently. 

Osmo games use physical game pieces which provide hands-on play and help build fine motor skills. The games focused on reading skills uses game objectives to motivate children to keep making progress in the game. This helps children gain proficiency in reading by progressing in the game levels. 

Osmo Little Genius ABC’s game brings letters to life with Mo the monster filling his travel book with letters. Mo gets children to build letters out of bendy sticks and rings which he pulls onto the screen. The children then get to build objects which are also added to his travel book. Mo the Monster pronounces each letter and word and gets the children to pronounce the same, using the principle of phonics. Mo the monster guides the children through the entire process making it a fun, engaging and immersive learning experience.  

Osmo Genius Words game lets children guess the name of interesting objects and animals that show up on screen using physical game pieces. Children can either play against colorful online characters or against each other, adding an element of competition in the game. When you give this game to your children you are essentially gifting an enhanced vocabulary and a whole bundle of fun!

Fun iPad games are a great way for parents to inspire their children to take up reading. Activity games for kids such as the ones mentioned above can help develop a positive association with reading, and help children stay engaged in learning how to read better and more fluently.

Osmo Genius Words Osmo Little Genius ABCs game