Teaching Your Child the Alphabet through iPad Learning Games

September 20, 2019 / Parent Resources

Bedtime stories and nursery rhymes hold a special place in many parents’ hearts. These activities are the source of our most cherished memories from growing up. Beyond their sentimental value, songs and stories also have an educational purpose: they help kids learn new words.

With the right activities,  you can help your kids become fluent readers. Here are some ways to integrate reading practice into your kids’ routine and get them excited about learning:

Listening to Stories

Reading stories together introduces kids to the world of adventure and excitement found in books. Parents can make the experience even more immersive by using funny accents and sounds to bring the written words on the page to life. If your child is ready to transition to independent reading, they can use audiobooks to help them learn unfamiliar words and increase their speed.

Phonics Games

Phonics education teaches kids to connect letters with their sounds. By combining their understanding of phonics with the memorization of common “sight words,” kids are then able to read most words, even ones they have never seen before.

In Osmo’s ABCs game, Mo the Monster guides your little one on a phonics learning journey. Watch them bring the ABCs to life by building letters out of sticks and rings using Mo’s instructions. Filling up Mo’s travel book with letters and objects makes for a fun and engaging learning experience that your kids will love.  

iPad learning games that encourage reading

Interactive learning games for kids are an easy way to get kids reading without them realizing. Osmo uses physical game pieces and goals to keep kids progressing in the game, in turn building reading proficiency. Since Osmo is hands on, it also helps kids build fine motor skills.

In Osmo’s Words game, kids must use letter tiles to guess the interesting objects and animals that appear on their screen. This game gives your kids the gift of an enhanced vocabulary and a whole lot of fun!

Fun iPad games and activities play an important role in developing a child’s love of learning. By promoting positive associations with reading through fun activities, you can keep your kids engaged in the learning process and help them become more confident readers.

Osmo Genius Words Osmo Little Genius ABCs game