Supercharge your Drawing Skills with Osmo Masterpiece

October 31, 2019 / Learn About Osmo

Drawing is an integral part of children’s classrooms. It serves as the foundation for several other creative activities including painting and sculpting. Considering that you need only pen and paper to begin drawing it is also the most accessible form of art. You can use it as a break from learning numbers and words or use it as a reward for completing mandated course material. In its most elemental form, art is a way to express one’s emotions without the written or spoken word and a form of visual communication universally understood across geographies.

Role of drawing in the classroom

Drawing in the classroom provide children benefits that extend far beyond a passable knowledge of the fine arts. Here are a few advantages children experience through drawing:

Creative Expression: Drawing provides a structured framework for children to creatively express oneself which is essential for children’s development. Drawing is a healthy form of self-expression which can contribute to social-emotional learning. 

Self Esteem Booster: Children are bound to gain confidence when they get to draw, and when teachers hang their drawings up in the classroom. This is especially useful for children who might find other subjects in class challenging, and builds motivation for them to pursue the subjects they might find less interesting. 

Visualization: Children learn better when engaged through their senses, sight being one of the prominent examples. Drawing helps build visualization giving children the option of using drawing to imagine complex concepts and ideas.

Visual Storytelling: Once children are comfortable with sketching outlines, you can put together a story told through consequent images similar to a storyboard. This could help children interpret ideas in more interesting and easily comprehensible ways. Fun learning games geared towards drawing will make this approach a lot more exciting. 

Precursor to Writing: Drawing builds fine motor skills in children and helps them learn how to write. Kids can perfect the technique to grip a writing instrument while building dexterity and flexibility in their hand.

Osmo Masterpiece to supercharge drawing in the classroom

Osmo learning systems brings in a whole new perspective on fun educational games by including physical game pieces. While game pieces retain the pure joy of hands-on play, digital engagement keeps children engaged and excited to learn.

Osmo Genius Masterpiece game lets you trace a virtual outline onto paper, bringing out the artist in your children. Children can indulge their artistic side by using creative coloring schemes to go with their sketches and drawing whatever they could imagine. While you can pick objects to draw from the Osmo Genius Masterpiece game library, you can also use your own images. Any real-life object can be transformed into an outline that can be sketched, making your choices for drawing inspiration endless. Once you complete drawing, the game generates a beautiful time-lapse video that you can surprise your folks with! 

There are over 17 Million drawings completed by children worldwide and counting, which have been shared thousands of times among family and friends. You can let your children join the fun by letting them draw some of the global favorites such as the cuddly Pokemon and Minions to the superheroes Batman and Ironman. Masterpiece gallery also enables children to put up their drawings as part of the Osmo Masterpiece library for all to view.

If you want your children to develop as well-rounded individuals going forward, be sure to add a splash of art to their lives. You can get your children started on their artistic journey by gifting them fun iPad games such as Osmo Genius Masterpiece game

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