Master Reading With Phonics Learning Games

May 8, 2020 / Parent Resources

Learning to read opens up new worlds and experiences to kids that build curiosity and imagination. Before a child can be reading proficient, however, they must first master phonics, or the sounds associated with different spelling patterns. 

Phonics learning games provide kids with the tools to become better readers and communicators. Here’s how phonics learning games can help your child master reading.

Connect Letters and Sounds

The best phonics games for kids make learning letters fun and interactive. These games help kids gain confidence in letter recognition and reading through play.

Osmo’s ABCs game is a great way for kids to build their vocabulary while learning phonics. ABCs teaches kids how to pronounce different letters along with words that start with these letters. Mo the Friendly Monster brings an interactive element to this fun-filled game.

Expand Vocabulary and Learn Phonics

Finding simple games for kids that are fun and educational can be a challenge. That’s why Osmo created interactive kids games that combine hands-on learning and entertainment.

The Words game expands kids’ vocabularies to make them stronger readers. Parents can read the Words aloud to their kids to help them associate letters with their correct sounds. Understanding phonics makes the next stage of learning to read a whole lot easier! Words is the perfect game for your little one to play with friends and family.

Practice Storytelling

Storytelling is another way to introduce your child to new words and sounds. Kids indoor games that promote interaction can improve verbal competency and teach kids how to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

In Osmo’s Stories, kids dress up animated characters using game pieces in order to overcome hurdles. You could narrate these stories with your own words to immerse your little one in more sounds and sentence structures.

Once kids understand the relationship between sounds and letters, they can read more accurately and quickly. Osmo has the best educational games for your child to master phonics and reading.

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