Learning Toys and Games for Children of Ages 3 to 5

August 8, 2019 / Parent Resources

The cognitive development of children includes their ability to retrieve, process and share information. They will be able to count till 10, draw the basic shape of a person, display a greater range of emotions and be open to play with others, all by the age of 5. Since children learn first through play, the toys that they play with is essential to their development. With different toys, children learn different skills. Here are some common learning toys and games for 3 to 5 yr:

Toy Blocks

Blocks are the best toys for children to learn how to build what they can imagine. They come in all kinds of materials and shapes. Playing with blocks helps children develop their gross and fine motor skills. It also helps them practice problem solving. Children can also learn collaborative play and learn how to work towards common goals while building things with blocks. 


Puzzles are staple toys for preschool children. They typically start with wooden peg puzzles where they match shapes, colors, animals and letters.  As they grow, they move to jigsaw puzzles. Children can build their logical reasoning, problem solving and organization skills while figuring out where each piece of the puzzle has to be placed. It can also help with increasing the attention span of children, keeping them focused for the duration of play. This means that they can remain calm and collected while solving the puzzle, teaching patience and valuing delayed gratification to achieve a goal. 

Soft Toys

Every child has their favorite stuffy. These soft toys are not just fuzzy and cuddly. They help children simulate social skills and develop an active imagination. A soft toy can be a child’s best friend when lonely, a confidant in all their adventures and a sympathetic ear to listen to their everyday problems. They help simulate real life situations wherein they can express themselves freely, such as confiding in a stuffed bear regarding what makes them sad, and how they would like things to be and so on.

Technology-infused Games

With time, games designed for children have gone from purely physical to ones integrated technology. From robots to physical blocks which can be animated into a digital character, it is an exciting time to be a preschooler! 

Apart from the obvious benefit of digital literacy, tech games build multi-tasking and hand-eye coordination in children. This is essential in the fast-paced world of today, where individuals are expected to handle a variety of tasks simultaneously. Tech games also help children develop strategic thinking along with problem-solving skills. 

Osmo Genius Starter Kit with games Words, Numbers, Masterpiece, Tangram and Newton utilizes the awesome power of media technology while retaining the physical element of play. With Osmo Genius Words game, children can spell out a word in physical tiles to match an image on an iPad as part of a fun and interactive character based gameplay. Osmo Genius Numbers game has an equally engaging storyline in which children populate an aquatic world with water and fish by solving sums with physical number tiles. Osmo Genius Masterpiece game let children embrace their artistic side by enabling them to trace a virtual outline of their favorite image on physical papers. Osmo Genius Tangram game helps children build creative shapes with physical tiles of geometric shapes. Osmo Genius Newton game is an exciting fast paced game in which children have to guide falling objects into designated regions.

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