How iPads could be great tools for teaching preschoolers phonics

July 5, 2019 / Educator Resources

Many parents have heard of the benefits of children starting reading early and are committed to raise lifelong readers. iPad and Phonics learning games for kids is a common method of teaching children to read by assigning sounds to alphabets and is essential for helping children begin to read. By learning how letters are supposed to sound, children will be able to pronounce unfamiliar words by using the principle of phonics. Teaching preschoolers phonics for kids can be challenging since they will need to be continuously engaged. They will need to learn how letters sound and apply them to various unfamiliar words they come across. It takes lots of practice and young children could easily lose interest.  

Phonics for Preschoolers

The first step in phonics involves teaching children to differentiate between various sounds. Parents can start with sounds that people, animals and objects make. The next step would be to teach the sounds that letters stand for, traditionally often using flashcards and workbooks. You can then teach digraphs and trigraphs which are sounds represented by two and three letters respectively. To keep children engaged in this repetitive process, parents and teachers often use creative video and audio elements to aid in phonics. Teaching preschoolers phonics with the use of technology such as iPads learning games could greatly enrich the storytelling experience for children.

The ABCs game in Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit enhanced the interaction further by using a colorful animated character called Mo to teach letters and phonics in a fun and engaging way. Throughout the game, Mo asks children to construct letters using sticks and rings and associate the letter to its sound and to the word. This way, children are motivated by an adorable online character to learn more about letters and phonics, retaining their interest and sparking their imagination as young learners. 

Once you have gained the interest of children, phonics not only helps decode words, but also improves overall reading comprehension. This means they will learn better and faster as time goes on, enabling exponential increases in learning capability. 

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