How iPads can serve as great preschool toys

July 2, 2019 / Educator Resources

Children begin to learn from the moment they are born through their senses and the manipulation of objects around them. As children grow, they learn to use creativity and imagination in understanding the environment around them. Once they go to preschool, children start to have teachers guide them on their journey of learning fun iPad games. Most preschool systems believe in letting children learn through toys which highlight aspects of size, shape, color, texture, smell and so on. Toys, as the main instructional tool used at a preschool, have to be chosen carefully and aligned with the learning needs of the children.

Having iPads in Preschool

One thing that has consistently progressed with time is technology. Landline telephones are replaced by cell phones, and postal mails are replaced by email and so on. The same applies to education as well. Nowadays, more preschools have adopted educational technology in preschool classrooms in addition to wooden blocks and bead bars. Considering that we live in a digital age, it’s inevitable that children are exposed to prevalent technology at young ages. The key is to choose the right device and the right games for our preschoolers.

While computer keyboards are not designed for the tiny hands of a preschooler, a tablet’s touch interface is perfect to introduce a child to present day technology. Take iPad games for example, children can use iPads to play educational games – practice writing, drawing and more. They can even take pictures of their work for fun. Some children with special needs are able to communicate better since the touch interface is user friendly and helps them say more.

With many iPad compatible games in the market, the Osmo Genius Starter Kit is specially designed to include physical activity with an online interface. It bridges the online and offline worlds by using physical game pieces to play the game. For example, Osmo Genius Numbers game uses tiles printed with dots and numbers. The challenge is to use the right combination of tiles to match a number displayed on the iPad screen. Osmo Genius Masterpiece game involves turning any object into a virtual outline for children to trace on papers – this helps the child develop fine motor skills and supercharge their drawing skills. These games aim for children to build their creative problem-solving skills.


The integration of technology into preschool classrooms has become more popular, and if used right, tablets can function as indispensable learning tools. As long as the use of tablets is meaningful and focused on helping children learn, incorporating tablets is great to pave the way for a tech infused classroom. To ensure the device is used right, games such as Osmo Genius Starter Kit can be used, which combines online play with offline elements.

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