3 Interactive Learning Games and Activities That Make Geography Exciting

May 7, 2020 / Parent Resources

Recognizing that science, technology, engineering, art and math are essential skills for the future, schools have prioritized STEAM education with interactive learning games and creative thinking games. Unfortunately, shifting priorities and limited resources have forced other subjects, such as geography, into the background. Now, many kids lack even a basic understanding of geography.

Why is it so important for kids to learn geography?

Geography gives us a sense of our place in the world. It can help us better understand others’ experiences and develop empathy. Studying geography builds critical thinking skills and can also spark interest in related disciplines like history, literature and the arts. World geography, meanwhile, is vital knowledge for any global citizen. The importance of geography education will only grow as location-based technology enters different industries and creates new jobs.

How can parents teach geography at home?

Skip maps and memorization and try fun kid games and activities to encourage your little one to engage with the world.

  • Make a game of learning geography for younger kids: Fun iPad games are great for getting your kids excited about geography. In Osmo’s Detective Agency, kids play detectives to solve cases in famous cities around the world, including Paris, New York, Beijing, and Sydney. Using their magnifying glass on the city map, kids explore these cities’ famous landmarks, culture, history, and sights. In addition to teaching geography, Detective Agency also boosts kids’ focus, observation skills, and attention to detail.
  •  Transport older kids with travel programming: Family-friendly travel shows make geography more accessible to kids. Introduce the kids to places around the world by tuning into National Geographic or Travel Channel, or even streaming old seasons of the Amazing Race. Once you’ve finished watching, you can ask the kids to create a travel brochure for the destination seen on the show. They can include details like places to see, important moments in history, maps, and photos. 

Dig into authentic dishes: For your next takeout meal, why not order from a restaurant serving authentic cuisine from another part of the world? This can be a great way into exploring cultures other than your own! You might even want to try cooking an authentic meal as a family.

In our interconnected world, geography is a critical subject for every child to learn. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly kids build geography knowledge with these interactive educational games that make learning fun.

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