How Interactive Educational Games Help Kids Build Social Skills

April 28, 2020 / Parent Resources

Interactive educational games play an important role in helping kids learn how to communicate. In order to develop socially, kids need to be able to express their thoughts and emotions with others. These preschool games for kids help your little one develop social skills and learn to identify different social cues.

Story Time With Your Little One

Creating your own bedtime stories with your little one not only strengthens your relationship, but it also encourages creativity and social-emotional development. Parents can make their stories even more engaging by using funny noises and accents for different characters.

Another way to practice storytelling is with Stories, a game in Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit. In this fun-filled game, kids mix and match costumes, learn to recognize emotions, and problem solve!

Encourage Collaborative Play

Playdates are one of the best ways for kids to develop their social skills outside of the classroom. Osmo’s preschool online games and coding games like Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo are built for friends to play together! All of these interactive educational games improve cognitive skills and foster collaboration.

Importance of Creative Play

Creative children’s games encourage kids to express themselves. Drawing and painting are two activities that let kids practice sharing their thoughts and feelings. In Osmo’s Squiggle Magic, kids use sticks and rings to create from their imagination, then watch their creations come alive! All of these interactive games for toddlers foster creativity and curiosity.

Develop Confidence in Your Child

Kids are more comfortable talking to others when they feel confident in themselves. Osmo has several interactive educational games that help kids come out of their shells. In Pizza Co., kids interact with virtual customers and must identify social cues. Running their own business in the game gives kids a sense of ownership and independence. 

Positive social interactions are essential for academic and social-emotional development. These interactive educational games and creative games for young children give your child a boost in creativity, confidence, and adaptability as they develop socially.

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