Fun Games for Kids to Encourage Learning During Christmas Break

December 18, 2019 / Parent Resources

Every family has their own Christmas traditions, from the Christmas lights and decorations they use to adorn their house, cookie swaps, to gift exchanges and more. This year, you can balance this holiday time between Christmas traditions and fun games for kids to enhance your children’s cognitive and social emotional skills. You can get your children to have fun while they are learning by trying out a few of these Christmas themed activities: 

Write/Narrate a Holiday-Themed Story

Children can get creative and write a holiday themed story to truly get into the holiday spirit. It can be about their favorite holiday object ( Christmas Tree), animal (reindeer) or person (Santa Claus), with them coming up with the story’s plot points. This will help children give form to their imagination and build a consistent flow of thought, enhancing their communication skills.

Osmo Little Genius Stories game takes children on adventures, getting them to solve problems on the go. Children go on quests to faraway lands and to find precious objects, encountering problems requiring unique solutions. Children can play and use this creative game as inspiration to come up with a narrative of their own. 

Take a picture with Santa at the mall 

One of the most fun Christmas traditions for children is to get a picture taken with Santa Claus. Children might find Christmas incomplete without meeting Santa Claus and asking for what they want on Christmas. So take your kids to Santa and get them in the spirit of Christmas.

Draw now-and-then pictures 

You can find a photo of your children from last year and take a similar photo and compare them by making drawings of them both. Osmo Genius Masterpiece game can transform your children into instant artists by letting them trace a virtual outline of the photos onto paper. This will help build their pre-drawing skills and penmanship. It will also enhance their power of observation and build their reasoning skills.

Play Educational Games with a Christmas Twist

What better way to celebrate Christmas than spending time together as a family! It’s even better when it’s spent playing fun learning games. With Osmo Genius Words game you can treat the whole family to an exciting word challenge, with the option of using your own Christmas-themed images. 

Learning becomes second-nature when its fun. Putting aside designated time to play together as a family can go a long way in enhancing children’s development and growing closer as a family. So get together with family this Christmas and play up a storm!

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