7 Fun Games to Play with Kids on National STEAM Day

October 29, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

National STEAM Day is November 8. If you’re looking for offline STEAM games to play with your child, you’ve come to the right place. These games blend learning and fun and are easy for anyone to play!

If-Then Coding Game

In this game, there needs to be one “programmer” (you) and a few “computers” (your kids). Stand in front of them and give “if-then commands” like “If I dance, then you dance, too!” It’s just like the classic game of Simon Says but with coding commands instead.

Watercolor House

Help your child build a house using watercolor paper, then paint the house together. This activity teaches art with architecture and kickstarts creativity and critical thinking skills. If you want to get even more creative, you don’t have to make a house — you can make anything you want!

Food Science (+ Math!)

Next time you make pizza, teach your kids about elasticity by stretching the dough and showing how it returns to its original shape. You can also teach them about fractions and other mathematical properties while cooking.

STEM Movie Night

Some movies that can help your kids learn about STEM are Hidden Figures and Big Hero 6. Pop some popcorn and snuggle up for an exciting STEM movie marathon!

Human Body Measurement

Ask your kids “Which is greater: arm span or height?” Then ask them to group themselves according to their prediction (arm span is greater than, less than, or equal to height). Finally, give each group a piece of string to test and measure!

Foaming Soap Science Experiment

Place a bar of soap in a bowl, microwave it for two minutes, and watch it grow! You’ll spot some foam, too. Curious how this experiment works? Soap contains lots of little air bubbles. As the air bubbles heat up in the microwave, they get bigger. Since bar soap is a solid, once it expands it stays at that size.

Math With Movement

First, draw several groups of dots on a piece of paper. Then, write the dot quantity for each group on separate sticky notes and hide the sticky notes throughout the house. Ask the kids need to count the dot quantity and find the matching sticky note. Here’s a sample of how to draw your dot sheet:

We hope you enjoy playing these educational games on National STEAM Day! If you’re looking for more games to play, check out coding games, word games, and puzzle games.

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