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Explorer Starter Kit

Ages 5–10

Everything you need to play nine classic Osmo games! Our most complete STEAM learning kit yet, Explorer Starter Kit features all of the interactive kids games from Genius Starter Kit, Monster and Coding Family. Includes games pieces, art supplies, and stackable storage – Just add your tablet!

Digital Learning In The Real World

Kids learn more when lessons are hands-on. That’s why every Osmo game includes physical action, whether it’s moving number tiles, arranging tangrams, or even drawing freehand!
Coding Awbie
Coding Jam
Coding Duo


Tangram: Classic Feature Icon

A timeless game reinvented using a fully interactive video experience.

Tangram: Learning Feature Icon

Playing Tangram is a great way to exercise spatial and visual problem-solving skills. Start thinking with shapes!

Tangram: Puzzles Feature Icon

Arrange physical tangram pieces to match on-screen puzzles. Animals, spaceships, people and more — there’s so much to create!

In The Media

Included With Your Kit

  • Osmo base for iPad or Fire
  • Tangram pieces
  • Numbers Tiles
  • Words Tiles
  • Monster hardware
  • Coding blocks
  • Stackable storage

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